Gogo boys

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Gogo boys range from dancers with the most erotic supply of underwear through strip teasers showing hiden part of their body inch by inch and finally hardcorders a kind of gay porn hardcore actors but on stage.(page1)

Pic collection of Gogo boys during their show as dancers or strip teasers and Ted’s visit to an Amsterdam’s Live Sex Show. (page2)

Bangkok is a place where Gogo Boys have been well represented for so many years with ups and downs and more control nowdays about gogo boys age. One exemple with this last show of the night where full nudity is allowed. (page3).

Toronto Go Go Boys On Church Street by CanadianHunkORamma

Basically the stereotypical go-go boy is a hot model with an awesome tan on well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs with the most erotic supply of underwear to wear.

Very often found at the top of the bar, smiling or faking a smile , undulating their packages in the patrons’ faces until one of them slips a bill into their undies.

Most of the newbies don’t stay around for long because it’s hard to accept the terrific reality that they are exposing themselves to strangers who touch them in ways that would make them slap you if you were were in any other places.

More over it boosts the pain if you are convinced that you are still there because you were the one with bigger, more appealing cock and balls.

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